About Us

Alphacritters is a Whimsical Animal Alphabet based on originally hand drawn artwork, used for making personalized Children's name pictures.
Here in Western Canada, Perry and Margie Kolesar make the children's names, and in Eastern Canada, Linda and Bill Powers make the names. The original artist, Karen Hawley, (Linda's daughter & Margie's best friend) was tragically lost to us 7 years ago. Karen Copyrighted and Trademarked Alphacritters in 1996, and we are very blessed to be able to carry on her legacy that she so loved.

Perry and I have both had different businesses over the years, and 5 years ago when we became Grandparents, we knew we wanted to be in the business of making kids happy, and now with Alphacritters, we have that opportunity! We enjoy searching out and making all the new and unique names.
There are so many unique names today, many kids can't find their names on the usual cups etc...so when they come to our booth and see that we have their name already made, they are thrilled!
We carry over 6,000 names in stock, but if we don't have the name you are looking for, we will make it!
We pride ourselves on our ability to make people smile! It makes all we do worthwhile!